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Capture Fiery production data. Analyze efficiency. Ensure consistency.

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Dashboard: Understand your print production

Evaluate production data to address operation inefficiencies quickly, improve workload balance, and identify production trends.

  • Track multiple data points in a custom view
  • Compare and analyze productivity across devices

Sync: Run a consistent and efficient operation

Leverage existing settings and ensure consistent output by sharing common configurations.

  • Create and store configuration sync packages
  • Deploy sync packages as a backup or across devices

Manage: Define device groups for better production visibility

Select and include devices into groups to view aggregated production data or easily deploy configuration sync packages.

  • Manage device tracking
  • Create multiple custom device groups and view device details

Alert: Stay informed with notifications you set

Respond to events as they happen to prevent production slowdowns.

  • Set email alerts on device status
  • Schedule production reports